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Bomber v1.0

File Information
Name: Bomber v1.0
File: Bomber
Filesize: 17 kB
Downloads: 606
Date added: May 30, 2005
Platform: TI-83+/SE
Language: Basic
File Type: Game
Category: Shooting
Last modified: May 30, 2005
TI-83+/SE BASIC Games
TI-84+/SE BASIC Games

Shell: MirageOS v1.2 (Optional)
Rating: 1.5 (Don't Bother)/10 based on 2 votes.
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File Website:
Author(s): Jon Wong

File Description:  ^Website hasn't been updated*
This was a rather simple and easy game to make and very simple to play. You're character is already moving back and forth. You can change it's direction by pressing the opposite direction it's going in. You're just shooting a feta (sp) sign. You "bomb" it...even though bombs go down not up. O well. I made this game in an hour in my chem class, so it's not graphical and there's no story. Just a time waster I guess, and it is good for you people who want to learn how to make things move by itself and shoot.


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