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68k | TI-83 | TI-83+/SE

Download Advanced Dialogs v1.01 (243 kB)
  Rating: 9/10 (1 votes)
  Downloads: 598
  Platform: 68k
  Language:  Assembly
  Type: Program
  Category: Library
Advanced Dialogs is cross-platform (AMS and PedroM) static library for TIGCC for creating grayscale dialogs. It combines the usefulness of AMS Dialogs with the speed of TIGCC and ExtGraph, offering all standard functions (Title, Buttons, Input, DropDown, MessgaeBox etc.) and additional useful features not offered by AMS (Multiple Tabs in a dialog, Bitmaps, CheckBoxes, ProgressBars etc.). Providing this features, Advanced Dialogs allows the easy creating of a fast and beautiful GUI for your TIGCC project.

Download Crash Lib (14 kB)
  Rating: 5.5/10 (4 votes)
  Downloads: 1034
  Platform: 68k
  Language:  Assembly
  Type: Program
  Category: Library
Crashlib is a compile-time library which can give your programs excellent protection from seriously silly serious errors. ie when you are playing with that cool new game of yours during math class right before the test, and. crashlib saves the day by catching that address error. This library is easy to use for beginning programmers, and provides a good deal of advanced features for advanced programmers.

Download Basic Library of Commands (written in BASIC) (2 kB)
  Rating: 10/10 (1 votes)
  Downloads: 224
  Platform: 83
  Language:  BASIC
  Type: Program
  Category: Library
This was written as a kind of joke. See, alot of conversations about the popular CODEX and xLIB ASM libs are along the lines that BASIC programmers acually NEED these to do what they offer... so, I wrote BLIB, BLIB is a Basic LIBrary of commands, and can do alot!

some (okay ALL) of the nice features of BLIB -

-Set the dim of your graph screen
-Clear/Fill your graph screen
-Graph screen text (A space is 4 pxls wide), both normal and inverted! (W on B)
-Set up sprites
-Draw a sprite
-Draw a sprite map

There is a little bug... well... Here's what you need to do, clear ALL your strings then use the feature to set up the text for the text feature, then find out what string it's in... sorry :D

Download Assembly Utility Package (3 kB)
  Rating: 9.7/10 (4 votes)
  Downloads: 2628
  Platform: 83p
  Language:  Assembly
  Type: Program
  Category: Library
An easy-to-use package of much-needed functions for BASIC programmers, such as: the ability to turn off the calculator, list programs curreently on the calculator, including archived and protected (hidden from edit menu) status, write in inverse text (white text on black background), check battery and memory status, and more. Will be updated continually with more functions.

Download ErrorLib (6 kB)
  Rating: 10/10 (2 votes)
  Downloads: 837
  Platform: 83p
  Language:  Assembly
  Type: Program
  Category: Library
If you've ever wanted every single calculator error known to mankind to be right at your fingertips, you should enjoy this program. Whether you want a "Bad Guess" error to lower the user's self esteem of the user or you think ERR:UNDEFINED would be a handy thing to have in a dictionary, this program has the errors you need.

Something to note is that I've been unable to find anything else that resembles ErrorLib in any way.

Update 4/19/07: Everthing works perfectly.

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