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TI-83+/SE | TI-83/+/SE

Download AllPrograms (117 kB)
  Rating: 0/10 (0 votes)
  Downloads: 1264
  Platform: 83p
  Language:  BASIC
  Type: Program
  Category: Compilation
This is a bundle pack of several programs made by Alex10819 Productions, intended as a study guide for anyone learning TI-BASIC. study, learn, and program!

or, if you know how to program, just download and enjoy some really cool stuff.

Download GouldenGamePak (6.9 kB)
  Rating: 2.5/10 (6 votes)
  Downloads: 1654
  Platform: 83p
  Language:  BASIC
  Type: Game
  Category: Compilation
This is a folder containing 4 programs on it, 2 of which are games. HOBOGAME is a simple menu/adventure game where you ry to earn $1000 by begging, stealing, etc. KEWLSTUF [for lack of a better name] is a funny game that asks you random questions.

(Note: This is a repacked archive that contains a patched version of prgmKEWLSTUF)

Download Minigames V1.0 (19 kB)
  Rating: 5.5/10 (2 votes)
  Downloads: 369
  Platform: 83p
  Language:  BASIC
  Type: Game
  Category: Compilation
Simple game, read the readme.

Download NeoPack (7 kB)
  Rating: 4/10 (2 votes)
  Downloads: 436
  Platform: 83p
  Language:  BASIC
  Type: Game
  Category: Compilation
A compiled program of small games I made when I first started programing, re-done and made into a single prog... yes I know, but I'm just helping the enviroment. Recycle, Reduce, Reuse! Go Planet! Includes: NeoBomber, Blackjack, a Fortune Cookie program, an organizer, and wallpaper generator.

Download prgmBOREDOM (28.0 kB)
  Rating: 7.5/10 (9 votes)
  Downloads: 1253
  Platform: 83p
  Language:  BASIC
  Type: Game
  Category: Compilation
prgmBOREDOM is a nifty little game that you can play during class when you get bored. It includes four simple games that can be very entertaining during a dull Algebra class. The best part about the program is that I did not lock it- it is free to edit. In fact, it is an excellent way to help you learn BASIC! This game has very simple instructions included, so no problems should occur. The games include: Rock/Paper/Scissors, a random number guesser, a fortune teller, and a button masher. Yeah, they're simple, but they are certainly fun. This is a must download if you want to learn BASIC!

Download PrgmJoke (10.7 kB)
  Rating: 7.2/10 (15 votes)
  Downloads: 5938
  Platform: 83p
  Language:  BASIC
  Type: Game
  Category: Compilation
This is a great joke program! With 40+ jokes, all hilarious (except for a few cornys), they will keep you entertained for a long time! But you ask, they're jokes. Wow. I want games! Well-admit it. If you play a game too often-it will get boring. So, in Math class, why not try a joke or two? No, seriosuly, it helps! I gave this program to alot of my friends, and they laughed out loud-trust me, they're funny jokes. Some jokes are old funnies, a few I made up myself, and a few hilarious ones most of you have never heard of! Have fun. Laguh lots. Be sure to check out the screenshots!

Download South Park v1.1 (74 kB)
  Rating: 6.2/10 (4 votes)
  Downloads: 3562
  Platform: 83p
  Language:  BASIC
  Type: Game
  Category: Compilation
*Fixed up Cartman's game. It's a little smoother now, I think...Programmed it straight from the computer.
*I decided to try and fix some of the little bugs and reduced some of the lag in the game. It's the old classic South Park game. Basically you can play as 4 different characters, and they are the 4 kids. Cartman and Kenny's game are by far the best I think in this game pack. In Cartmans, you must shoot down as many cows as you can before they trample you over or if you ran out of ammo, becuase they'l attakc you :). In Kenny's you have to run away from the cow. It's quite fun actually, and addicting. Get the + signs for more time. It's a fun pack i guess, kinda like those games you would get at Mc Donalds. Oh well. Have fun!

Download TOIPT (7 kB)
  Rating: 0/10 (0 votes)
  Downloads: 346
  Platform: 83x
  Language:  BASIC
  Type: Game
  Category: Compilation
This game features hours of fun and heaps of animations. Just because it is in basic does not mean animations is bad!!

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